Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Christmas Box.....

For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is only 41 days away! Yay! Time to get organized! I have a Christmas box that I keep all my things in. It has a notebook for lists, receipts, handmade Christmas cards from years past and lots of ideas that I have about what to buy, make or do for Christmas. My box is looking a little beat up this year so I think I will have to spruce it up with some new decorations. Last night we had our first Christmas meeting, Carrie is in charge of finding out what the kids in our family would like; gift ideas. Mattie and Harry are in charge of coming up with creative ornament ideas that we can make. We all have or will have a fun task to make Christmas a special family event! Each year we make handmade gifts for one another, the kids LOVE doing that and personally, I love getting gifts that are handmade! Remember, Christmas is more about your presence than your presents! Time spent is more valuable than money spent! So today, start to organize your Christmas, get everyone involved to make it more fun and Live Inspired Now!

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