Friday, November 9, 2012

Try a holistic approach...

After months of pain in my shoulder, I finally decided to go get some help for it. I don't go to doctors if I can help it so I decided to try a physical therapist and massage therapy and call my Shaklee rep Jeff (Jeff Whittaker on fb) for a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. I went to my first appointment with my PT Lance; turned out that I had rotator cuff tendinitis and he showed me the exercises to do that would help. Then, I went to my massage therapist and she really worked my arm and shoulder area out. After my massage, the inflammation went down immediately and it felt so much better! I have been going to therapy now for several weeks and I am just about healed!
I had to bring my kids in for immunization shots before school and while there I inquired about my painful shoulder. The doctor said I should make an appointment immediately and he would send me for an MRI and he couldn't rule out the possibility of surgery! (One reason why I don't go to doctors.) Of course I left and never made the appointment with him.
So by going the holistic route, I saved a ton of money, didn't have to take any medications and surgery never became an option. We all have the means to take care of our bodies with proper diet, exercise and healthy supplements. I always advocate for natural healers first; chiropractors, acupuncture, physical therapist, massage therapist, coaches, physical trainers and more! So today, check out the natural healers in your area, take control of your health and wellness and Live Inspired Now!

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