Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stop running!

My daughter Mattie says to me yesterday, "Why do the chickens always chase me when I go out to feed them?" To which I replied "Because you always run. Stop running and they can't chase you!"
This statement got me thinking about how many of us run from things. We run from conflict, confrontation, things we are afraid of, challenges or things we just don't want to deal with. When we stop running from things, we take the power away from them and bring it back to us and then we can finally face our fear. Sometimes you can ignore things and they will work themselves out, but often, running from things prolongs the inevitable. Stop running, turn around and look that "fear, confrontation, or challenge" square in the eye and say I am not going to run anymore! I will deal with this and get it out of my life so it's not looming over my head, always haunting me and making me want to flee. Today, take back control of yourself, stop running and start facing and Live Inspired Now!

PS... when you stop running from the chickens, they just stand there and look at you! lol. (we have no roosters, just hens!)

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