Sunday, August 26, 2012

Put Yourself on the List by Gail Dixon

Are you a list maker? I know I am! Making lists is my way of bringing a bit of order to the chaos of everyday life. Whether paper or electronic, our lists can reveal a lot about us --- what we value, what we avoid, what we accomplish and what we have left to do. Things to do, places to go, people to see….all of these things end up on our lists one way or another. But frequently, there is a missing piece, something that can make the other things on the list either much easier or much harder. What is often missing is taking care of ourselves. While it should go without saying, the truth is that many of us have focused so much on others and on the external demands of our lives that there is precious little time or energy left by the time we take a look at our own needs. There’s an solution (or maybe an app) for that – put yourself on the list! And put yourself near the top – not after everything else, but because of everything else. I promise you, everything else will be easier if you have taken care of yourself first. Go ahead and give it a try. Put yourself on the list so that you can Live Inspired Now!

Gail Dixon

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