Thursday, August 23, 2012

Want more Give more......

I know I talk about giving all the time and I am going to mention it yet again!!! People ask me "how do you live in abundance?" To which I reply "by giving what you want!" So if you want money, don't horde it, be more liberal about giving it. If you want love, give love to everyone and anyone, especially people you don't like. If you want more joy, spread more joy to others! Whatever you want more of, give more of! Kinda sounds counter intuitive I know, but trust me it works. Thad and I are givers, we give time, money, resources, love, support, guidance, friendship and whatever else we can offer. You can give smiles, hugs, encouragement, inspiration, money, love, passion, enthusiasm, gift cards, school supplies, warm clothes, blankets, organs, hair, prayers, meditations and sooooo much more! When you give abundantly and focus only on what you can offer rather than what you need or are lacking, your life becomes overwhelmingly abundant! So today, think about what you have to give, give it freely, accept a life of abundance and Live Inspired Now!

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