Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hardship makes us stronger!

It seems like all I hear anyone talking about lately is how we should get this or that for free, we should never have to work or pay for so and so and how we as humans are entitled to have it all. Where does it state that? I would never wish hardship on anyone, I would love the entire world to be rainbows and sunshine for all but the fact is, it isn't and it is our hardships that mold us into who we are. Like a piece of coal that has endured extreme pressure for years and years only to be discovered then taken and painstakingly cut and chiseled until finally... a diamond.
Those of us who persevere through the stress and strain of hardship or challenges and keep working toward creating ourselves, it is WE that emerge like diamonds on the other side. I am glad that I had to work for what I have, I am grateful for the struggles that I learned to get through, I am positively joyous that I learned how to take care of myself and my family. It is those lessons that set us apart from ordinary. So today, be a diamond, shine brightly and be grateful for the pressure that molded you into something so brilliant, shine that light for others as an example and Live Inspired Now!


  1. Sing with me! " This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine" Hi Heather, I totally agree with you. I attended the University of hard knocks graduated with victorious honors. It's one thing to be a rock, but a chiseled rock shows who we are and where we stand.
    Passion is my Shield ~ Rain (Rain Dropps

  2. I am curious about the diamond analogy....I have heard that a diamond is simply a piece of coal that could handle heat and pressure very well. What of the coal that did not turn into a diamond?
    In my life, I have come to understand that I was in my own way from a very early time in my personal development. I internalized guilt and I did not like to shine because I saw others shrinking, as if to make room for me. When I danced at my cousins bar mitzvah like crazy, I took attention away from the bar mitzvah boy or girl...Long story short, I started out as a diamond and I turned back into coal, because the world does not always want people to shine all the time, like I was as a child.

    I now feel again like a diamond and it is great! There are times that I dance at someone elses party and I no longer choose to shrink because it is someone elses party.

    It would be great to live in a world where we all feel great about being the diamonds we were born to be!

    I know that we were all born as diamonds, and that drives me to help people find that diamond within that may have lost its luster over time. I am not sure it needs to be as hard as we have made it on ourselves, so I am not certain that I wish to celebrate the trials we all seem to have experienced along the way.

    As a runner, I have heard and learned first hand that pain is inevitable and suffering is a choice! This, I believe to be totally true! The pain I have experienced has served me well and yet, I realize that anytime it turned into suffering was a choice. So, anything I "got over" was something that I, myself had created. This is what gives me power, or should I say, gives me my power back...I am a diamond, surrounded by diamonds who don't know that they are diamonds. I now choose to shine, so that others might know it is possible to shine from anywhere. If we are at the party, it is our party as well, so might as well dance if there is a dance floor, and maybe someday, we might all dance like the diamonds we were born to be!

    1. That's my point... we DON'T live in a world where we all feel great about being diamonds. We all experience "life" and we can either use it to become stronger and shine, or use it as an excuse to do nothing. Our choice. Glad you found your comfort in shining!