Friday, August 17, 2012

Down the rabbit hole we go......

This morning when I woke up I was thinking about a woman who was a potential client. I didn't take her on as a client because she didn't really want help. She wanted to hold on to her "mental illness" with full force because it gave her comfort. It allowed her to have an excuse as to why she could not move forward, as to why she didn't have to do things that scared her and as to why all her relationships fail, it completely lets her off the hook. I was thinking about her and wondering if she has not been "diagnosed" with said illness, would she really hold on to it as much. Like did people have certain diseases before they existed? If we never knew about depression, would so many people "suffer" from it or would people just have crappy days, sometimes crappy periods but then move on? I have heard that there are no cases of "stuttering" in the Native American population because there is no word or translation for "stutter." So if it doesn't exist, how can anyone suffer from it?
I think my point today is that when we label things, we create something, we give something credibility and weight so we ought to be very cautious about how we label things or people. More people suffer from more illness, mental illness and disease than ever before. This is in today's world where we have more cures, medicines, doctors, treatments, counseling, therapy and you name it. Maybe the problem is that we have too many people telling us that we have something WRONG with us and not enough of us taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, avoid negative influences, do random acts of kindness, help others, practice politeness, move more than you sit, do stuff, spend time with family and friends, laugh, find your purpose, move toward your dreams, do stuff that scares you, take risks sometimes, LOVE and Live Inspired Now.

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