Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tragedy or Comedy....

Is you life a tragedy or a comedy... only YOU can decide! In most other countries, being "poor" means you literally don't get to eat but here in America, our "poor" are often over weight and carrying cell phones. It is all about perspective. Will you look at your life and circumstances and find the humor or cry about them and choose to live in despair? The other day for example, I went to my local grocery store which has very narrow parking spaces. I was in the hot pink convertible and when I was trying to shimmy out of the car, the heel of my shoe caught my pants and I fell out of the car and onto the hot pavement. It was so embarrassing and I tweaked my already torn rotator cuff. For a moment, I thought about how this sucked and I was embarrassed and how this day seemed to be taking a turn for the worse.... thank goodness is was only a quick fleeting thought before I decided to laugh at the situation! I could have really felt bad for myself and looked at all the negatives but I didn't. I decided that at least I was falling out of a cool pink convertible and it was pretty funny! I picked myself up and literally held my head up high, smiled a huge smile, giggled to myself and sauntered into the store! Don't decide that things in life are tragedies when there are so many other options! Choose to laugh, or find the positive in every situation, make life a comedy NOT a tragedy and Live Inspired Now!

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