Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Simplicity by Diana M. Joice

Every time I walk down the street so many of you want to talk to me. Yet you don’t have the courage to do so. And if you do, you are so extremely fearful, that I would like to run away. It scares the crap out of me. How could I trust someone who’s uncomfortable with his own emotions? 

It’s one thing to feel fear. But it’s another to act upon it. In fact, that fear is your stimulant for courage. Without it, conquering wouldn’t be the same and I doubt that it would even exist.
You might think you have to be fearless, you might think you have to be tough, while none of it is true. The secret lies within your awareness of how and what you feel about any given moment. To become aware of your vulnerability is the key. There’s no need to be tough, but being powerful within your moments, intense and alive. To live with a passion when being scared, even when being threatened. The moment you own your vulnerability, you have yet another tool to acknowledge what needs to be done. It works like a handbook. You see what you feel and know instantly what you have to do to make it better. For you. Through you. And for everyone else involved.
Owning your vulnerability therefore is the key to real power, to manhood, to your strength. My plead to you is to consider the possibility of an amazing life, with the abundance of your emotions, your personality, your strength as a man. Us women are waiting for it.

Diana M. Joice
Relationship Coach
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