Monday, August 27, 2012

Social Experiments

I watched the last Batman movie and it was great. I'm excited about watching this one. As I walk towards the theater, I remind myself that I'm doing yet another social experiment. I see her. She's about to become part of my experiment. She has popcorn in her hand and I tell my friend "watch this"... "Hey ma'am, I'm really hungry, please give me some of your popcorn". She stops, looks at me for a second... then she smiles and says "sure". Great. This is real world information. My latest social experiment deals with testing my assumptions about what people will or will not do and how they'll respond to various wacky request. It's fun and it's eye opening. People are generally so cool. At least that's what my real world experiments has shown me:)

Martin Lanzas
Agent of Change and NLP Practitioner

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