Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Listen without judgement...

When a friend reaches out to talk or vent about a challenging life situation, be a good listener by not offering judgements on their situation. The last thing a hurting friend needs is for their listener to insult, judge or pull and "I told you so." Often clients will tell me that I am the ONLY one they feel they can talk to because when they talk about their relationships, their friends and family take to name calling and insulting the spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or even their child that they are having the issues with. When a friend trusts you enough to confide, don't judge the situation or the participants. They may just be venting and will feel better after and go back to dealing with the situation. If they go back to it with the added baggage of their friends judgements in the back of their mind, it will make it harder for them to develop useful solutions. So today, be a good listener and JUST listen, don't judge or name call, be a great friend and Live Inspired Now!

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