Friday, August 31, 2012

The Intention Governs the Attention

We’ve all heard that setting goals is important. We’ve heard that successful people not only set goals, but that they write them down, and scientific research has demonstrated a direct correlation between a person’s position in life; their finances, their relationships, and their health, and whether or not they have goals, whether or not those goals are written down, and how often those goals are reviewed and meditated upon. But why is this so important? More specifically, why does it work?
It is important and it works because goals set our intentions and our intentions govern our attention. In order for us to accomplish anything in life, we must control our minds, our thoughts, and we control our minds through our attention or, to put it another way, we must be consciously aware of what we are thinking because thoughts ultimately lead to our actions, and our actions produce the results we experience.
If you are unsatisfied with the results you are experiencing now, check your intentions in that area of your life. If those intentions are not well defined, if you don’t have clear goals there, take the opportunity, right now, to examine that area more closely and develop a more defined objective. Intention governs attention and attention focuses your power to control your experience.

Gary Drumm
Leadership Coach
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