Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I observed about Montana...

Life is about discovery! Be a conscientious observer of life and your surroundings. When Thad and I were in Montana, I discovered so many things, both serious and some really wacky but I realized that it is fun to make clear observations and really understand the environment around you. So these are a few of our observations from our 10 day honeymoon in Montana:

1 I love huckleberry pie
2 Black bears love peanut butter
3 Vortex's make me vomit
4 It is totally fun to heckle goats
5 Mountain goats are really brave
6 Trains in MT look just like trains in NY
7 I want to start collecting meditating frog statues
8 Bear spray is really expensive
9 Mosquito's are a much bigger threat than bears and the store won't give you a refund on unused bear spray
10 At 5050 feet, roads are still snowy and impassible in June
11 Wrong turns take way longer to undo in MT
12 Homeless rams know how to panhandle tourists for food
13 It would be nice to have a muscle on the back of my head that allowed my hair to swat flies
14 There are still payphones in MT and many places with NO cell service
15 The people in MT think they are the only ones who have huckleberries

Make a list of your discoveries the next time you experience something new or go exploring and Live Inspired Now!

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