Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bond as a family!

Last night I hosted a Women's Empowerment Workshop with a firewalk at my home. It was amazing and my 2 older girls (Mattie 14, Madison 17) participated in the workshop. They broke boards with their hands, snapped arrows with their necks, they did a trust fall where they fell off of a table into the safe arms of the group and then walked on fire! My amazing husband Thad was a "crew member," he ran the music and set everything up. My son Ethan was also crew, he helped pass out materials and showed people where the bathroom was.
The girls were so beyond proud of themselves for doing the challenges! They had a whole new perspective on life after the workshop! They were full of love and gratitude and very empowered! We all really bonded even more as a family. We all supported and encouraged one another through really scary challenges which is always good for team building. It was a truly amazing night!! I would suggest to everyone that they engage in activities that can create even stronger family bonds. Go zip lining together or do a firewalk, or even go on a long bike excursion, but spend time doing things together. Things that you have to encourage one another to get through and spend time caring for each other. So today, find a family bonding activity to engage in and Live Inspired Now!

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