Monday, January 28, 2013

You CAN afford it...

Very often I hear people say that they can't afford something when what they really should be saying is "I am choosing not to make this a priority." A smoker recently told me that she couldn't afford to buy certain foods because they were too expensive. While another person told me they couldn't afford therapy for their child who was in crisis yet they can afford other luxuries like cable and beer. I make no judgements here... I would never tell someone what they should spend their money on. I will however say that where you put your money, is what you are choosing to prioritize and it is your vote for what is important in your world. Many people make the choice to go without cable TV, name brand clothes, alcohol or cigarettes so that they can afford other things. In our parents and grandparents day, people always cut back when things were tight, but they cut back on luxuries, not necessities and they knew the difference.
Life is abundant and the free things are the most valuable in my opinion. You can take a walk for free, you can hike in the woods, look at a waterfall, listen to the birds, play with the kids and pets, share in conversation... oh the list is limitless. Enjoy the free things in life, spend your money on things that will enhance you or your children's lives and Live Inspired Now!

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