Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Giving away power...

Recently someone asked me to write a post about "losing power." I replied that you can't "lose" power but you can give it away! Nobody can lose their power, nobody has to be controlled by another person and what another person thinks, does or says... even if they think or say it about you! One thing I learned long ago is that when you do good things, when you live a positive life and dedicate your entire life to helping and serving.... some people STILL won't like you. If I sat around feeling bad about the things I don't control, I would spend my entire life feeling bad and what a waste that would be! You can never control what other people say, think, feel or do but you can control YOU and how you react to others. Do you really want to give your power to someone who doesn't like you? Do you want that person to have such easy access to how you feel? Tell your ego to let it go! Ignore rude comments, avoid negative or hurtful people, distance yourself from family that doesn't care about your best interest. If you spend your days angry, your world isn't out of control... YOU are! Relax, let go of EVERYTHING that you have no control over (which is everything but your own thoughts and feelings,) don't give away your power and Live Inspired Now!

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