Monday, January 14, 2013

Give up on feeling bad!

Isn't it time to give up on feeling bad? How long do you want to do this for? So many people sit around thinking about all the injustices that have occurred and how they were the victim in one way or another. So much so, that they miss the gift of the present moment. We have all fallen victim to some hardship before, what makes yours so special that you should use it as your reason for stagnation? It is time to let go and free yourself of past pain. People hold onto pain like a security blanket, well it's not; it is your burial wrap! When you are thinking about what he did to you or why did you allow abuse, or if only I had.... you miss the beautiful baby's smile, the kind stranger who held the door, the gorgeous sunset, the sound of the birds, the calm and stillness of a cool night, the warm glow of the fire, the tender moments between lovers and a million other opportunities to choose happiness.
Get PISSED off at destructive thoughts, yell and scream at them, tell them NO MORE, decide to be in a better place rather than falling into old patterns! When you start to think of past hurts, ground yourself... take a mental inventory of all the material things surrounding you. EX: I am safe in my car, I have my water bottle, my hat is on my head, my purse is right next to me and I am driving home. Take in the present moment by noticing your reality.... you are NOT walking in to catch your X boyfriend kissing another girl. Then, take deep breathes and remind yourself of the time and date. EX: Today is Monday, January 14 2013, I am healthy, free and have every opportunity for happiness. Finally, create a new memory! If you are driving, crank up some happy music or pull over, get out, stretch and take in the view! If you are at work, take a quick walking break and get some air or go and hug someone who needs it. I cannot stress enough how focusing on helping someone else is the BEST medicine for mental health!
So today, live in the INSPIRED now by being present in each moment and creating new positive memories for the future and Live Inspired Now!

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