Friday, January 25, 2013

Don't bottle things up!

Oh my gosh.... I have heard from many parents recently who are struggling through the challenges of raising teenagers. Unfortunately, many people don't seek help right away because they are embarrassed or ashamed of what they are dealing with but I am here to say there is no reason to be embarrassed! We all face challenges in our lives, there is no shame in seeking help. All kids struggle with something at some point, but if your child has made some drastic changes, used drugs or alcohol, become sad or seems depressed, or if you are concerned that they might hurt themselves or others, you must seek help! It is imperative that you seek help before things progress too far; it is easier to be proactive and address a problem before it becomes huge and you are only reacting to crisis. Also, bring these issues to light by talking openly and honestly about them, it takes the sting out of them when you can speak about the problem with friends, family or professional care providers. Don't bottle it all up, there are so many others that have been through or are still going through the same things you are experiencing and by being open and honest you give others the validation they might need to be open and seek help too! So today, be brave and reach out, seek help for a child in need or crisis, realize that you are not alone and Live Inspired Now!

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