Saturday, January 5, 2013

Now or Later?

I was having a conversation with my 14 year old son Harry this morning about a camera that he wants to purchase. He was considering buying a lesser model because he wants it now rather than saving up a little more money and buying the version he really wants. I told him that instant gratification was no substitute for quality but I would support whatever he decided to do. Harry is a very determined young man and when he wants something, he makes it happen! He decided to wait a bit longer and get the big fancy video camera that he really wants that will help him with his business. I think we all need to learn to wait a little. Our society is all about "instant" and it is compromising our values on earning and gratitude. Anticipation has been replaced by entitlement. One of the finest lessons we can teach our kids is to appreciate and be grateful for what they have. So today, make sure you are not trading quality for instantaneous gratification, think about quality and value and Live Inspired Now!
PS: You can check out Harry's youtube channel at: Harrys youtube
and see his art at his facebook fan page: Harrys Art

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