Friday, January 4, 2013

What's missing?

What is missing in your life? I'm not talking about what are you wishing for... a mansion or a fancy sports car. I mean what are you missing, what do you long to be or do, what would help you feel more fulfilled? Are you missing love or passion? How about that "calling" you have been ignoring? It is time folks, time to step up into who you are meant to be. Gone are the days of sitting idly by and watching everyone else live and love and fully experience life. It is YOUR time now, find what's missing and go get it! Step up and live. Life is so full of rich experiences, the opportunities for enrichment are abundant, we all have the ability to make a contribution that will leave our mark on the world and now is the time. So today, figure out what is missing in your life. Is it love, contribution, a new path, a new attitude or an accomplishment? Figure out what it is, make a plan, hire a coach if you need extra support and Live Inspired Now!

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