Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6 Tips to Keep Motivated!

I like to keep things simple so here is a simple list of ways to self motivate. Let me know what you think!

1 Keep it simple: Set SMALL goals. Ex: Don't try to lose 75 pounds, just try to lose 2, then celebrate the success and strive for a little more.... and each time, celebrate the success!

2 Raise your standards: Find people and groups who have achieved what you want and hang out with them. Allow other people's success to be a catalyst for your motivation. Listen to their stories and learn from them. Ask questions... people love to help!

3 Get INSPIRED: Nobody wants to commit to a goal that they are not invested in. Make sure you actually want what you are working towards. You might want to be more motivated at work but if you dislike your job and aren't truly invested then you won't be easily motivated. Motivation doesn't occur without some sort of inspiration. Be honest... is this what you TRULY want or is it what you "think" you should want based on family or societal beliefs?

4 Stay positive: Fill yourself to the brim with everything positive. Put positive quotes on post it notes and put them everywhere. Read positive posts, blogs, or articles... like this one! Take negative people, whiners and political posting friends off your facebook wall. Smile even if you don't want to. Put on uplifting or high energy music. Exercise. Recite powerful statements in your car "I am powerful!" or "I can do anything!" and say it with authority!

5 Help others get what they want: This is by far the MOST powerful tool in self motivation. People want to do things but more than that, they want to help others do things. When you help someone else reach their goal, you are making a contribution to the world which gives you a sense of belonging and importance. It also boosts your inspiration and attitude. It is much harder to drop the ball on your own goals when you are guiding someone else to reach theirs because you are accountable for the example you are setting.

6 Hire a professional: No matter what you goal is, a coach is just the expert you need to help you! Coaches and consultants are industry specific professionals who can keep you on task with tips, techniques, reminders and accountability. Coaching is so popular now because it works! You will love having a sounding board for your new ideas, someone to help you through your challenges, a person who always tells you what you need to hear and someone to cheer you on!

So today.... figure out what you truly want, get motivated and Live Inspired Now!

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