Sunday, January 6, 2013

Be a good follower...

Not every person is going to be a leader. In fact, without followers, we wouldn't have leaders. If your child is a follower, teach them to be a good and discerning follower. There is nothing wrong with "following" as long as you are not following someone destructive or making bad choices. You don't have to tell the child they are a "follower" but encourage them to find friends with the same or a higher level of values. Also, ask them if their current friends are supportive and encouraging. Explain the difference between friends who inspire and those who manipulate. Also, be a great example for the kids. If they see you spending time and getting caught up with people who are not good leaders or examples, they will follow suit. Make sure your friends are of a higher caliber too, be the example you want your kids to emulate because YOU are their first and most influential leader.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with following someone as long as you don't compromise yourself or your values. So today, if you have a child or someone else in your life that is more of a follower, set a good example, encourage them to follow a path in line with their own values and Live Inspired Now!

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