Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold hands, warm heart!

Here in Upstate New York, USA, it is freezing cold outside; our pipes even froze! We are blessed with a home to keep up warm, food to eat and warm clothes to wear but not everyone is so fortunate. During this cold snap, please remember to help others out. Make sure the pets are warm, check on elderly neighbors, donate your unused coats, cold weather gear and blankets and be prepared  yourself! My parents taught me to keep some extra warm items in the car during the cold months, even a blanket... just in case. Nowadays we have cell phones and can call for help if we break down, but making sure we are prepared and can stay warm is always a good idea. So today, be prepared, help someone in need who may not be able to be warm enough, keep warm yourself and Live Inspired Now!

PS: If you live in a warm climate, you can still donate cold weather items to shelters. Temperatures can still drop in the evening, making it very cold for homeless people.

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