Sunday, July 22, 2012

Build Something....

Yesterday, with the help of our kids Harry and Mattie, Thad built a loft bed for Carrie. It is really cool! Carrie has the smallest room and her bed took up much of the entire floor space so Thad built her the loft bed and now she has all the room under her bed to play and work. Carrie loves the bed and Harry and Mattie enjoyed helping Thad and I think they learned alot too. Building things with your own hands can be empowering and fulfilling. So today, whether a bed, a birdhouse, a rock sculpture or even a model plane, build something by hand and Live Inspired Now!
PS... encouraging and allowing kids to build things and do things on their own can really set their passion on fire!
PPS... keep the band-aides handy! :)

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