Thursday, July 12, 2012

YOLO my ass!

YOLO is the new catch phrase these days and it has become an excuse for young people to participate in stupid and risky behavior. Every time I see YOLO on facebook it is followed by an image of an under dressed young person or the absurd tale of inappropriate behavior which usually involved sex, drugs, alcohol or some other sort of dangerous behavior.
Guess what? YOLO is a concept meant to empower people, not give them an excuse for stupidity! You only live once doesn't mean take risks with your health or safety, it means live life to the fullest with passion and purpose. It means do something good, help someone in need, take a risk that could enhance your life not stop it. So today, don't use YOLO as an excuse for bad behavior, rather step up and be a person who will be respected for making the MOST of their life, be remembered someday for living well and loving lots and Live Inspired Now!

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