Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleep In!!!

I am not a huge fan of sleeping in, I like to get up and get going each day... there are just so many awesome things to do! (I know Mom & Dad, this was NOT the case when I was younger, I liked to sleep in when I was a teen!) BUT... sometimes you need to let your body rest. This was today for me! After a wedding, 10 days of adventure in Montana, a torn back muscle, a week in California, writing an entire book, the flu, a ruptured ear drum, a packed red eye flight, a missed flight, lost bags and lack of sleep.... I needed to sleep in today! (Poor Thad had to work today) Every once in a while you need to take a break and rest up! So if not today... maybe tomorrow, or at some point... take time to rest your body, sleep in and Live Inspired Now!

PS: I will be sharing pictures and inspirations from the past few weeks in future blog posts. Thad and I have had an amazing few weeks! My book is about 90% done and I can't wait to get it published! Thank you all so much for you support and encouragement and for your well wishes!

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