Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Good?

Ok, so "what's good" has been around for a while but I am whole heartedly jumping on the "what's good" bandwagon! In an effort to fully promote all that is good and attempt to always focus on the positive, I am not going to ask people "how are you?" I am going to ask them "what's good?" I am MORE than willing to listen to someone vent and get their frustrations out, but in passing if I only have a moment to greet you, it will be the greeting that asks about your positive things rather than leaving me open to hear about the bad knee, the daughter drama, the husbands crappy job or whatever else you think of when someone innocently asks "How are you?" So for me, I am all about "WHAT'S GOOD??" Today, try asking "what's good" and see if you get a better response than "how are you" and Live Inspired Now!

1 comment:

  1. but....that means that people won't be able to numbly reply, "goodnyou?"... ;0)