Saturday, July 14, 2012


Anticipation is defined as "expectation or hope" by I remember being a kid on Christmas morning, it was so exciting and thrilling. My parents always made Christmas so huge in our house but as I got older I realized that for ME, the anticipation was even better than the actual event because once the event happened, it was over. Nowadays, the only thing people actually WAIT for is the page to load and if that little wheels spins for more than 10 seconds, things are going to get ugly! I think we have lost patience and our current generation has never known the excitement of anticipating and hoping for things. Our world is instant, we no longer have to wait for a letter or stay home because we are expecting an important phone call. I love all of our modern conveniences, but I would love it if people would learn to wait for things too. If you don't get something right away, just wait for it! Try teaching the kids patience too. When my kids were little, we started a "puffy jar." Every time the kids did something great, like an act of kindness or good grades or extra chores, they would get a cotton ball to add to the jar. Once the jar was full of cotton balls (the kids called them puffies) then we would go to the toy store and pick out something fun! We did this with a change jar too, we added change to it and when it was full, we cashed it in and went out for dinner. It taught the kids to get excited about working towards something and I think that learning patience and anticipation is a wonderful lesson! So today, just wait for something, think about how long you might have had to wait 20 years ago before cell phones and computers and Live Inspired Now!

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