Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Metaphors and Meaning by Skip Corbin

Metaphors and meaning are the key to understanding the world around and how others react to you and the world. As an example, there is a symbol of Christianity known as the "ichthys." It is the little fish-like symbol commonly seen on bumpers across the USA. Have you thought how many people would still have them on their cars if they knew that it had been used as a symbol of a vagina long before it was thought to be a fish? (Read more about that here).
The words we use and more importantly the meaning we attribute to them is KEY to understanding ourselves and others. "Who do you think you are?" Ask yourself that question. Then pay VERY close attention to your answer, the words you use and the meaning you attach to those words. In fact, if you write down what you are thinking in response to the question, you can reflect upon... is this the person you want to be? Or perhaps can you be so much more? For yourself, for your loved ones, for your community, for your society, for your planet? What beliefs about yourself do you cling to that may not be serving you well? There is no judgement here, the exercise is to identify that which is in you and if it is congruent with whom you wish to be. From there you may choose the changes that will make you happier. Until you are happy with yourself, being happy all the time with the others around you is not maintainable. What meanings do you use? Can you decide to associate a new meaning to ideas you have about yourself or others? I know you will never see an "ichthys" on a bumper the same way EVER again.

Skip Corbin
Life Coach in the Mohawk Valley

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