Monday, July 23, 2012

I heart money!!!

That's right... I do, I LOVE money! Money is not evil, it is awesome! It allows you to do so many things that you cannot do without it! I would encourage you all to adopt a different attitude about money if you think you don't like it or think it's evil.
Money is just a tool, one that allows us to get what we really want... more time with loved ones, fun toys to share, quiet time with our lover on the water or even a home to share with family. When we see money as bad or we see ourselves as unworthy to have it, we set a block against it coming into our lives. I love money and I want to open myself up to receiving lots of it. I can then do what I love to do most: GIVE! Thad and I love to give and help people as much as we can and the more money we get, the more we can do!
Are you pushing money from your life because you are living in lack, or have a negative attitude towards money? If so, rethink your attitude on money, decide to live in abundance and understand that money is just a tool that will allow you to do great things and Live Inspired Now!

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