Thursday, July 19, 2012


Remember Mrs Cosby, the character played by Felicia Rashad back in the 80's on The Cosby Show? Her character is how I define "grace." An intelligent and successful woman with poise and femininity. I think that we have forgotten grace in this day and age, we have forgotten how to be elegant and charming. Sometimes, women are so busy being strong and independent that they forget they have an effortless beauty that they can let shine through when they get in touch with the feminine side. We as women sometimes take on masculine characteristics to fit into the workplace, to feel more powerful or to keep people from getting too close but when this happens we are not living in alignment with our true selves as beautiful, loving, caring beings. Being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness. It takes far more strength to allow yourself to be vulnerable and then you open yourself up to accepting help or making change.
Ladies, take down the protective walls, allow your natural beauty and grace to shine through, allow yourself to be girly girls and Live Inspired Now!

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