Friday, July 13, 2012

Make Room!

When you want something in life, you need to take a look at what you are doing and determine whether or not you are actually making room for what you want. I have a friend that says she wants to find "Mr Right" yet pushes men away and says she wants to be independent. She is saying one thing but acting in an entirely different way. You have to be able to make room for what you want, make some accommodations to allow what or who you want to have room in your life. Another example is our garage, my husband Thad has wanted a new garage for some time but the spot where the garage was to go had bushes and a tree and a large amount of tools, saws and debris. So he cleared the entire spot where the garage was to go, staked off the area, chopped down the tree, removed the bushes and cleared the spot completely. It was so much easier to envision a real garage with the spot cleared and marked off and now we are actually getting the garage built! We all say that we want things but if we truly want them, we have to make room for them in our life and allow/trust the Universe to provide for us. Living in abundance, being pro active and believing that our needs will always be met is the best way to manifest what you really want. So today, make room in your life and Life Inspired Now!


  1. Thanks Baby...I just doubled the size of the garage to make room for all of the things I want to put in it :)