Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's that smell???

Go fragrance free! In this day and age with asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, toxic chemicals and all the other environmental irritants, I think fragrance free is the way to go! I have a huge pet peeve about being stuck in another persons "pew." We have all experienced it, you just sit down on the plane or in a restaurant and someone with very overpowering cologne or perfume sits near you. It can cause headaches, watering eyes, breathing troubles and just overall frustration. Personally, I never wear perfumes or body sprays, but if you must, here is a better way to spray. Stand in the center of the room, spray your scent into the air and walk under the falling mist... ONLY once, that's right, just once. A good fragrance is reserved for people who get close to you anyway, not for the entire office to smell when you walk in. I know I know... "it's the most expensive perfume out there and there isn't anyone who wouldn't like the smell" but just to be safe, follow my tips! So today, go fragrance free or at the very least, spray with discretion and Live Inspired Now!

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