Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YOU are a star!!!!!!!

I love getting the mail this month! With my birthday and Christmas, most days I find cards in the mailbox and yesterday was no exception. There it was... a lumpy card from my dear friends Peg and Craig and I knew something was in it but had no idea what a wonderful treasure was hiding inside. The star ornament in the picture above was nestled between the pages of a beautifully hand made card with a note about the artist that created the star. This star was hand crafted by "Adede," who is also known as the "Queen Bead Maker" in her village of Krobo Odumase Nuaso in Ghana, West Africa. The 72 year old woman hand crafts beads from recycled soda and beer bottles. Wow! The personal message included from "Adede" the bead maker was "Your journey starts here."
I got all teary eyed when I read about my star. It was so amazing to me that this ornament was once in the hands of a villager in West Africa. I wonder if she sat and thought about the people who might receive her work, if she thought they would appreciate it or her message, or if they would admire her craftsmanship. Well I certainly do!
Last year around the same time, I received a package of shimmery silver stars, also from Peg with a card that reminded me that "I was a shining star!" I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends! I know how to inspire others and help them let their light shine but I often forget that I get to shine too! Thank you Peg!
So today, support a not so local artist, buy goods that will support women in other parts of the world, inspire a friend, share your light and love, be a star and Live Inspired Now!

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