Friday, December 7, 2012

Stay bold or get old!

Stay bold or grow old! Who wants to age with their years? Not me! With my birthday coming up next week, I have been thinking about aging and how it doesn't really have to effect who we are. I don't plan on aging at all!! My Grandma Bea was one of my biggest roles models in this department. She was a teenager well into her 80's! I used to spend summers with her sometimes when I was a kid and she would do everything with me. She would wake me up in the middle of the night, midnight, 1am, 2am, didn't matter and take me out for a drive. Sometimes we would go to McDonald's and eat apple pies and drink sprites in the parking lot. Then she would challenge me to a shopping cart race! We would each grab a cart and push it as hard as we could and the cart that went farthest was the winner! Sometimes she would let me steer her Cadillac on the way home...... we did everything together and it was so much fun! (OMG; you should have seen my grandmas Halloween costumes each year... one year she even wore balloons all over her entire body and went as a stripper! lol.) So I refuse to age! I refuse to settle for a numeric sum as the equivalent of my maturity or as an indication of the way I am supposed to behave. Screw it! I want to be bold and never grow old! So today, forget your age, do something fun and "youthful," change your attitude about aging and Live Inspired Now!

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