Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hide secret messages!

My dear friend Karen gave me an amazing basket full of assorted teas for my birthday. The basket also had two custom tea mugs in it with my logo on them! I was blown away... what a very cool gift! The basket was so pretty with all the colorful tea bags and boxes and the "Heather Paris: Live Inspired Now" logo mugs sitting like royalty atop the admiring tea. It just looked so cool that I didn't want to take anything out of the basket! Finally, after two days to admire my basket, I decided to take it apart so I could proudly drink from my new custom logo mug. Well, I happened to notice something. There was a secret note etched right onto the bottom of the mug that read "Thank you for inspiring me! xo!" I couldn't believe was like getting another gift! I swear all my friends are in cahoots to make me cry this month!
So today, find a way to include a secret message when you give a gift, put a message somewhere that they won't notice right away and Live Inspired Now!

You can buy all sorts of custom gifts from my friend Karen at  She and her husband do amazing work, please check out their site!

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