Sunday, December 16, 2012

Turn it off!

Turn off the news. Just turn it off and walk away. If you ever watch the news and start to get upset, heart racing, cry or just have an overall sense of despair, you are allowing the purveyors of gloom and doom to give you anxiety. On the other hand, if you are watching the doom and gloom and feel nothing, you have become desensitized to misery and need to do something to get back to a place where you can feel things. Terrible things happen in the world, that will always be true but amazing things also happen in the world... all the time. When we watch the news we focus on the bad and it makes us feel bad. No worldly problem has been solved by sensationalizing it or giving it attention. In fact, I would argue that bringing attention to problems actually makes it worse. Not only do we get desensitized to the problem because it becomes "part of life" but it also gives other people ideas about how to get attention for themselves by doing bad things. I do not and will not be part of that. Where is the news channel that only reports positive, uplifting, happy, compassionate stories that can also be very contagious? I want people who "copy-cat" acts of kindness and generosity. We need to focus on that which lifts the world up to a higher level of consciousness, not the drama, violence and pain that causes us to withdraw, feel depressed and have an overwhelming sense of despair.
So today, turn the news (and the television) OFF, do things that make you feel good, spread joy and love, don't allow negative influences to rob you of happiness and Live Inspired Now!

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