Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't live in fear!

People live in fear every day, most are not afraid of big things like the world ending or zombie apocalypse rather they are afraid to change. Many people stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid to be alone or they are afraid of the unknown, the "not knowing where to go or what to do." It never ceases to amaze me how people (and I have done it too) will prolong suffering because of fear. Fear causes us to find ways to control that which we have no control over and it is has been Fucking Even Awesome Relationships since the beginning of time.
Some people will try to control their partners and manipulate them to try to subside their fear but that will not create a healthy relationship. If you partner is going to lie or cheat, you can't manipulate them into not doing it... and why would you want to? Wouldn't it be better to be with someone you can trust rather than trying to "catch" bad behavior? Wouldn't it be better to be alone and have the opportunity to find a positive, healthy relationship that you can love rather than continue to live in fear of getting hurt? Nobody deserves abuse but we have to take responsibility for what we put up with and what we stay with.
Parents, please teach your young ladies and gentlemen that they deserve a healthy relationship that is not based in fear and that being alone and taking the time to find a quality relationship is far better than settling for abuse. Also, set a good example for your kids, they will have a relationship similar to yours. Ask yourself... would I be OK if my son/daughter had the type of relationship that I have now?
Don't live in fear, you can always make a change. Yes it is scary but yes you can do it. Never settle for abuse, don't live in fear of things you have no control over, seek help or support if you need it and Live Inspired Now!

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