Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walk away...

How many times in life has someone tried to bait you into an argument or provoke you into a fight? Our ego loves to engage with other people but we don't have to participate in the drama of other people. Even though it might be a difficult choice sometimes, we can choose to walk away. We are responsible for what we engage in. Truthfully though, who cares about being right? People will try to debate you about your opinions but who cares? Do we really need to be right? What would happen if we just walked away and the other person was left thinking they were right because we didn't choose to engage and debate with them? Who cares; just walk away! Walking away from people who want to drag you into their drama leaves you feeling in control. People who continuously argue and fight or feel the need to provoke others are trying to feed an ego and they usually have pretty low self confidence. A person with self confidence never has to prove that he is right, he just knows it. So today, walk away from arguments and drama, keep your head high, be in control of your own life and Live Inspired Now!

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