Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time for lessons...

Last night my husband gave me an anniversary present... a piano! It is beautiful and I am so excited! Many many years ago, when I was a single Mom, I was taking piano lessons. It was way before I became my current self. Back then I didn't do much for myself, just for the kids but I have always wanted to play piano so I made it work. My dad came over once per week to watch the kids while I went to the music store across the street for my lesson. I made it through the beginners book before I had to stop because it became too financially difficult to maintain. Diapers were definitely more important! I always thought I would take lessons again but never did... until now! I don't think even Thad knows just how much the piano means to me! I have always dreamed of having a piano in the house and gathering around it at Christmas time to sing carols. I am going to go buy a piano book today and start practicing and soon... once I find someone local, lessons! So today, consider that instrument that you loved, look for lessons in your area and Live Inspired Now!

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