Monday, October 1, 2012

Sit in the car in the yard...

I love to sit in the car at night in the yard! When I first moved here to Upstate NY, I had house mates and the between the house mates, kids and pets, it was quite loud in the house. When a client would call, I would take the calls outside in my car because it was super quiet and I could focus better. Sitting out there one evening coaching a client, I realized, it was really beautiful and peaceful out there. I lived in the country and you could see every star in the galaxy and it was nice and warm in the car. I often saw deer walking through the yard and one night I even saw a shooting star. From that time on, I would sit in the car when I needed some quiet or to have a quiet talk with one of the kids. So tonight, if your house is loud, get out and sit in the car in the yard, look at the stars, enjoy the peace, share a quiet moment with someone special and Live Inspired Now!

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  1. We just did that last month for the meteor showers. We took an air mattress in the bed of our truck and watched them under the covers with the little ones. It was so magical! Thanks for the reminder--we might have to do it again before it gets too cold!