Friday, October 5, 2012

Mom's off duty...

I meet with so many Mom's that suffer from Mom guilt. Many Mom's feel like they don't do enough, like they must meet every single need of every person in their life or that they are the only person who could provide a high enough level of care for their kids. I am here to tell you... you can take time off! Yes, you will always be a "Mom" but you can go off duty and take time for YOU! Besides being a Mom, we are also significant others to someone, beautiful daughters, goddesses, warriors, professionals and so many other things! I don't know one single Mom that is strictly a Mom and nothing else. So take some time off from the Mom responsibilities once in a while and relax, take a bath, go on a date, have a glass of wine, read a book... whatever it is that YOU like to do. (If you take "time off" and you are watching Nickelodeon and drinking out of a plastic spongebob cup, you might be doing it wrong!) 
So tonight, get the kids settled then tell them you are off duty except in the case of house fire or medical emergency. Put the spongebob cup in the sink and go spend some time doing what makes you feel like a grown up and Live Inspired Now!

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