Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remeber old toys...

Remember this toy? Actually, remember when we had "toys?" Everything now is digital, computerized, wireless and virtual. Thad and I were explaining the wooly willy toy to a friend a few days ago and then there it was last night in a craft store! I was thinking about all the cool games, board games and toys we had as kids and how we would sit in our room and play for hours. I spent more hours playing barbies and jump rope than anything else.... oh wait, I also liked marbles! Today, introduce your kids, or younger friends to some old favorites and Live Inspired Now!


  1. I remember Wooly willy about 10 years or so later etch a sketch came out. At home growing up with 4 other sisters and two brothers we didn't have many toys like this. My mom used to make us stuffed animals that my twin bro and one of my sisters would play for hours with. We also would spend hours of gut curling laughter making race cars and space ships out of cardboard boxes in our attached garage. 90% of the time we entertained ourselves outside playing tag, swimming in the river, collecting frogs and so much more. The only game I remember was the board game Monopoly and Jacks.
    Technology is a wonderful thing yet has taken our children even adults from spending more time outdoors. Maybe we need to set reminders on our phones to tell us to get off the computer and head outside lol! Thank you for sharing Heather. Love, Rain @Rain Dropps