Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wake UP!

Are you wide awake? Are you fully experiencing life or are you watching others enjoy it? Wake up and open your eyes to all that life has to offer. Don't sit on the couch and watch other people have fun... turn the TV off and have fun yourself! Don't consign yourself to "this is how it is, I have to accept it," make a CHANGE if you are unhappy! Life is not happening to us, we are full participants and we can either choose to be pro-active, or we can sit around waiting for something to change. We have to take the pro-active approach because life doesn't come looking for us. Today, get out of the house, do something spectacular, fall in love, run a 5K, explore the woods, take a road trip, try something new, do something adventurous... whatever it is, get out and do it! Wake up, take charge of your OWN happiness because only you are responsible for it, experience life fully and Live Inspired Now!

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PPS... Here is a good article about how anger effects the family during a divorce or custody battle:

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