Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin painting!

I love all things that have to do with Fall! Last night Thad and I took the kids to a haunted corn maze. Harry and I stayed back while Thad took Mattie and Ethan through the maze. Harry and I had so much fun watching the people nervously waiting in line and we ran around the farm taking "spooky" pictures and even made a silly "Blair Witch" style video. Thad, Mattie and Ethan were "terrified" in the haunted maze while being chased by ghosts and goblins! We all had such a great time and today the fun continues with pumpkin painting! We love to paint instead of carving, it is a little easier and you can be super creative with a variety of paint colors! So today, have some Fall fun with creative pumpkin painting and Live Inspired Now!

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