Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stories from Grandpa...

Thad and I are lucky enough to have 3 sets of parents; his, mine and ours. "Ours" is the older couple who live across the street. They truly consider Thad as their third son and graciously welcomed me as their daughter in law when Thad and I got married. EJ (dad) was over this morning for coffee before he and Thad get busy on our home construction project. While EJ was here, he regaled us with stories from his youth. He told us about scuffles at the local bar and where everything used to be located. He shared stories about him and Pat (mom) dating and where they used to go. I think I could have sat there for hours listening, it was nice to get a glimpse of a time we would never have known about. Stories are the only way people had to communicate hundreds of years ago, these days we have a million options to convey a story but I still think the best way is to listen. So today, talk to your parents, grandparents or even and older person that is close to you. They have some amazing stories if you will take the time to ask about them. Listen, learn, enjoy the time spent with an elder and Live Inspired Now!

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