Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time out for ME.... by Jen Zatorowski

“Later, let me do this first, someday or how about I don’t have time.” Sound familiar. Too often fun times are lost and our lives are spent making excuses; sacrificing what we enjoy for what; work, money, an expected outcome? When was the last time you said “That was fun! I am doing this again! Or spent the day reminiscing on what you and friends just did, instead of project deadlines, big meetings or the next task you will be assuming. Can’t remember? Well, that is when you know it’s time. Time to put yourself in “time out for ME” and go do something spontaneous, something fun, something you have not done in a long time- something besides work! We tend to get in this vicious cycle of work life, taking work on, losing sight of the fun, since we can’t have fun we take on more work. We stay busy to trick our minds into believing we have no time for fun with all this work. It is a cumulative cycle with negative results on our social, personal and HEALTH patterns. Break the work cycle just once this week, do something FUN! Spend the money you would normally not spend, go somewhere you have wanted to go, do something on your bucket list. See and feel the difference in yourself. This is NOT dress rehearsal! You are on stage NOW, giving the performance of your life- make it fun!

Jen Zatorowski
NASM certified personal trainer
NASM corrective exercise specialist
INBF natural bodybuilder

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