Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ending relationships with grace....

Relationships don’t end badly, people sometimes act badly when relationships end! Not all relationships are meant to last forever and that is OK, but when you do end a relationship you should do so with dignity and grace. Don’t stalk the person, don’t talk badly about them, don’t try and get people to dislike them and never ever post your grievances on facebook! Allow yourself time to mourn the relationship if you need, take time to reflect before moving on and respect that the person had a special place in your heart at one time. The relationship might be over but your dignity and self worth should remain and even if the other person is acting badly, do not engage in it. So today, if you are ending a relationship, keep your cool, allow yourself time to get over it, don’t act badly and Live Inspired Now!

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  1. sometimes the hardest thing do is honor and morn the loss of a relationship...instead we often want answers and be able to divy out the blame, thinking that will hurt less. In the long run going into that hurt is what will transform that in something magical vs pushing against the hurt :) always inspiring!