Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The benefits of swear words!

I am always amazed by people who tip toe around subjects and use words that don’t truly express the intensity of emotion that they are feeling. Now I'm not saying become a complete potty mouth, and there is definitely a time and place to be more proper but there is some amount of power that comes from using a swear word in the appropriate connotation! I actually swear all the time when working with clients because the “taboo” words incite an emotional and often physiological response that you just cant get otherwise. I could have my client say “Yes, I plan to lose weight” but that really would not resonate with them on a deep level and will set them up for failure. Instead, I have my clients say things like “I AM GOING TO LOSE THIS FUCKING WEIGHT... I FUCKING HATE IT AND I WILL NEVER BE FAT AGAIN!!! You are more likely to have success with these words because they have emotion behind them! They are powerful and remap your thinking. So today, use some powerful swear words and Live Inspired Now!

PS... I am all for using swear words to facilitate personal changes and to paint a picture of reality but never for use as a name calling weapon against someone.

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