Monday, June 18, 2012

Inner Commitments by Martin Lanzas

I like to think about the actions we take as stemming from a network of various inner commitments, and like to investigate people's results by the commitments they maintain.Many of the people I work with tell me they would like to become more social,but spend countless hours NOT talking to people. This is what Robert Keagan calls a competing commitment. It can be said that these people are more committed to NOT talking to people than to talking to people. People take action when their inner commitments align. One of the most important indicators I've found of whether someone will follow through on accomplishing a task is the inner commitment to accomplish something even if they deal with disappointment, struggle, and not getting things perfect.
So I ask you: what are you committed to? Are you willing and committed to dealing with all of the inevitable BS that it may take to accomplish what you want? If so, I honor your determination; if not, good luck - you'll probably need it.

Martin Lanzas
Life Transformation Expert and Coach

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